1. Parent Interview : Parents interested in enrolling students at St. Paul Lutheran School will be scheduled for an admission interview with the Principal.  Ideally, the student and parent(s) should attend.

• Parents are expected to provide transcripts from the child’s previous school, including record of any disciplinary measures taken, an I.E.P.,  or any specials services records or needs.  The school reserves the right to contact the previous school to discuss the child’s prior school experiences.

2. Application & Enrollment Fee: Submit completed application for each child, and submit enrollment fee via check payable to: St. Paul Lutheran School

3. Birth Certificate: Provide a copy of birth certificate for each child enrolling.

Approval & Acceptance:

1. Upon approval, parents will receive a letter of acceptance.

2. Additional documents will be required to be submitted to the school office prior to the first day of school, as they appear on the checklist below. Forms are available online and in the school office.

Additional School Documents Checklist 

  • Child Information Record Form    
  • Health Appraisal Form  
  • Parent Commitment Agreement  
  • Handbook Receipt Acknowledgment Form   
  • Email Communication Release Form  
  • Student Photo Release Form     
  • Automated Voice Information System Form  
  • Approved Field Trip Driver Form  
  • Medication Permission Form     
  • PTL Volunteer Opportunities Form   
  • Grandparent / Special Person Info Form  
  • Volunteer Registration Form 

All parents are required to attend the Parent Orientation Meeting to be held in late August / early September.

Current Tuition and Fees Schedule

Admission Forms