Each board at St. Paul is geared towards a specific ministry to help keep the church and school healthy, beautiful, and strong.

Interested in joining a board? Contact Tom Poole <tjpoole@comcast.net> from the Board of Elders.


Board of Elders


Board of Christian Day School


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are in charge of the maintenance, repairs, and upkeep of St. Paul around campus, both indoors and outdoors. The goal is to ensure a safe and beautiful campus for church members, school students, and staff. The board occassionally hosts volunteer events for cleaning, gardening, and other kinds of beautification at St. Paul.


Board of Finance

The Board of Finance monitors the operations of the church to assure fiscal integrity and appropriate allocation of resources to the congregations ministries.


Board of Christian Education

The Board of Christian Education strives to foster the spiritual growth in the life of the individual Christian adult and youth. The board works to strengthen the Christian home by providing learning opportunities for all age levels. This includes Sunday school, vacation bible school, youth and adult groups. The board provides guidance to Sunday school teachers and other volunteer workers.


Board of Social Ministry

The Board of Social Ministry attempts to serve the congregation by fulfilling their needs such as providing meals when requested and sending monthly notes to our shut-ins. We honor our confirmands and graduates with gifts and send “Care Packages” to our college students and young military. We give grief baskets to mourning congregation members, and, on a brighter note, decorate the church for Christmas. We always sponsor a Christmas type charity: This year, as last, it will be “Gifts for all of God’s Children”.


Board of Evangelism

The Board of Evangelism plans, promotes and carries out evangelism programs which expand our influence and presence in the community. We engage members of the congregation and school to help with activities that draw people and families to our campus such as Trunk ‘n Treats in October and the Easter Fair in the Spring. Opportunities to witness and serve are the Family of God Mission in Detroit, Detroit Christian School of Excellence, various events at Allen Terrace Senior Housing and planned domestic and international mission trips. At St. Paul we invite members to serve as Sunday greeters and in our Welcome Center to help provide a friendly welcome to our members and guests.